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Thank you for tuning into Real Estate Radio LIVE the podcast series covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara, Mike D’Ambrosio & Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives  - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource. Together, our energetic team has completed nearly 700 expert guest interviews to cover all aspects of home, finance and beyond. With Real Estate Radio LIVE ranked in the top 5 real estate podcasts in listenership and popularity, the mission has been widely received and continues to grow.

Apr 24, 2017

Cindy Carey rejoins Mike in the studio once again bringing her vast wealth of knowledge to our show. Today Mike finds out about all the new projects Starburst Construction is working on and issues they are running into. Specific topics include:

  • Health and safety testing
  • Our nationwide shortage of construction workers

Mar 28, 2017

Many industries come into play when you decide it’s time to do some remodeling around the house. Between picking out what you need from retailers, hiring a contractor construction company to do the project and figuring out the best way to finance your remodel things can really get a bit overwhelming. Luckily for us...

Feb 24, 2017

After a quick chat with a contractor, Bobbi and Buddy were shocked to find that costs for labor and materials have doubled over the last 10 years. Today Joe, Bobbi and Buddy look to a article that cites four major reasons you should seriously consider remodeling now instead of putting it off for next year....

Feb 3, 2017

According to the Wall Street Journal we are seeing some major design shifts in what is considered trendy for home designs and furnishings. Trends are shifting quickly so do consumers still prefer an open concept? Can our hosts come up with an improved floor plan that won’t leave your guests eating a wonderful meal...

Dec 26, 2016

Cindy Carey returns to the studio as she joins Mike D’Ambrosio for a second installment of construction and design trends for 2017. Mike and Cindy start out with a quick recap of last week’s podcast as well as a few other cool design features they are seeing in smart homes.  Also in discussion:

  • Luxurious master bed...